Price List

If you would like anything specific that we do not have listed here please feel free to ask for it and we can get it for you for your event.  Items and prices on this list are subject to change.

Stewart`s Drinks Price List
Bottled Beers:
San Miguel £2.50
Corona £3.50
Peroni £3.50
Budweiser £3.50
Tennents Pints Can £4.00
Ales, Stout & Cider:
Magners £4.00
Kopparberg £4.00
Deuchars £4.00
Tennents/Belhaven Best £4.00
Spirits(add 50p for mixers):
Famous Grouse Whisky £2.50
Glenfiddich Single Malt £3.50
Glenmorangie £3.50
Glenlivit Single Malt £3.50
Southern Comfort £2.50
Smirnoff Vodka £2.50
Bacardi White Rum £2.50
Gordons Gin £2.50
Morgans Rum £2.50
Tequila £2.50
Courvoisier Cognac £3.00
Jack Daniels £2.50
Sambuca £2.50
Jagermeister £2.50
Baileys £3.00
Tia Maria £2.50
Disaronno £2.50
Cockburns Port £2.50
Croft Sherry £2.50
Non Alcoholic Drinks:
Bottled Water £1.00
J20 Selection £2.50
Fruit Juices £1.00
Tonic/Slimline £1.00
Ginger Ale & Bitter Lemon £1.00
Soft Drinks £1.00
Red Bull £2.00
Wines (175ml):
Shiraz £3.50/glass    £14.00/Bottle
Merlot £3.50/glass    £14.00/Bottle
Pinot Grigio £3.50/glass    £14.00/Bottle
Chardonnay £3.50/glass    £14.00/Bottle
Rose £3.50/glass    £14.00/Bottle
Sparkling Wine £4.00/glass    £14.00/Bottle
Prosecco     £18.00/Bottle
WooWoo     £4.00/Glass
French Martini     £4.00/Glass
Baileys White Russian     £4.00/Glass
Cheeky V     £4.00/Glass
JagerBomb     £4.00/Glass
Venom     £5.00/Glass
Shirley Temple     £3.00/Glass
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